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General responsibilities of the Team Captain: 

  • Complete online registration, pay fees, complete roster and ensure each team member has completed the online waiver. 

  • Community/Corporate teams-register for one free practice provided by the Machestic Dragons. 

  • Check in at registration on Race Day-distribute paddler wristbands. 

  • Attend Captain meeting on Race Day morning at finish line area bleachers. 

  • Have your team at marshalling area at least 15 minutes before your scheduled race. 

  • Follow the Race Schedule by race number NOT race time- many things affect race times.

  • Develop a line-up of paddler placement in the boat with the boat weighted as evenly as possible left and right, front and back. Dragon Boat Seating Plan

  • Conduct in the Boat -There should be no talking once your team is in the boat. The drummer and steersperson must be able to communicate with the team and each other at all times. 

  • Buddy System – Make certain that each team member knows who is sitting beside them in case the boat capsizes. Seat mates are responsible for each other in the boat or in the water. 

  • Life Jackets -Everyone must wear a life jacket during practice and on Race Day—will be provided. 

  • Communicate all information to the team. 

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