Team Captains: 


To promote good sportsmanship and fairness, please follow these racing division/class guidelines when forming and registering your teams:  


Community/Corporate Teams – division is for novice crews with little or no experience of racing.  Examples are crews representing corporate (commercial/ business), community organizations (i.e. Fire, Police, EMS, schools, fitness centers, etc.) and Friends/Family groups.   

For Paddle for Pink, Community teams are not members of dragon boat organizations or clubs and typically race one festival a year, but not more than three festivals.   

Teams who are not true community teams will be moved to the Sport Team division.  


The practice schedule can be accessed by Team Captains by following the "Practice Schedule" link under "Registration Info" above. 


Club/Sport Teams - this division is for crews experienced in racing, paddlers are generally members of dragon boat organizations or clubs, have access to boats and equipment (owned or rented) for practices during the paddling season and has more practice experience than the (1-3) practices the festival host provides.  

Breast Cancer Survivor (BCS) is a separate division. Paddlers must be survivors and may be inclusive of female and male crew members. Drummer and steer may be non-BCS. A breast cancer survivor has been defined by the International Breast Cancer Paddlers’ Commission as “a person who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.”  


Team division/classes offered at Paddle for Pink  


Club Mixed  

Club Open  

Club Women  

Festival Community/Corporate Open  

Festival Community/Corporate Women  

Youth Club Open   


Youth – A Youth team is a minimum of 14 paddlers in the boat who are under age 23.  


Open – The primary class of racing and there are no restrictions on crew composition.  


Women’s – All paddlers must be female.  


Mixed – Crews must consist of an equal number of male and female paddlers (10/10, 9/9, or 8/8). Available to club teams only.  


Register your team, pay race fees, complete team roster and access electronic waivers on this Team Registration button to the Pan Am Dragon Boat website. 




Registration Fees:  


Regular – Feb.16 – May 15 – BCS $1,200  
Club/Community/Corporate $1,400  


Late Registration May 16 – May 31 All - $1,650  


​Special offer for YOUTH CLUB OPEN teams who belong to ERDBA!   


You can save 50% off your registration fee by qualifying for a sponsorship through the ERDBA & Paddle for Pink! Discounted fees are only for Youth Club Teams applying for the ERDBA sponsorship matching program.  Sponsorship must be approved by ERDBA prior to the festival to participate, or full fees will be charged.  


A Youth team is defined as a minimum of 14 paddlers in the boat who are under 23. The program sponsors up to 2 youth teams from each ERDBA club at each event.  


Teams must receive sponsorship approval in advance from the ERDBA treasurer and Paddle for Pink prior to payment, if they plan to use the ERDBA 25% team entry sponsorship. & matching Paddle for Pink sponsorship.  


Contact for Paddle for Pink:


Contact at ERDBA:  

ERDBA Treasurer: